The Popcorn Stand: Appeal needs spring training after teasing its readers with error

In the editorial department of the Nevada Appeal we make plenty of stupid mistakes. We admit that, while we try our best to catch every typo, grammatical error, etc., at times we miss one (or three).

However, there are days when something happens and we can only simply shake our heads.

The Appeal editors, Adam Trumble and Charles Whisnand, are the ones who finish the paper at night.

Trumble finishes on Mondays and Whisnand draws the late straw Tuesday through Saturday.

Going back to the mistakes, there are mistakes you make when you rush, mistakes you completely miss because you have glass-overed eyes, and then there are the mistakes that happen even though the work was actually done. The photo that accompanies this Popcorn Stand shows the front page teasers for Monday’s paper. The teasers were done and saved, but you the print reader saw a bunch of “XXX” and gibberish.

We have workflows in place that are supposed to ensure these mishaps don’t happen.

We have workflows in place and they weren’t followed. It goes back to fundamentals, just ask Bill Buckner.

Buckner is the Boston Red Sox first baseman, who made a fielding error in the 1986 World Series against the New York Mets.

We met Tuesday to take a little extra infield practice.



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