Hanks Family Fundraiser

Stefanie Hanks

Stefanie Hanks

A fundraiser on Saturday from 1-4 p.m. on 20 N. Carson St., will be conducted for Stefanie Hanks and her daughter, who were involved in a serious accident.

Thankfully, her daughter was not seriously injured, but Stefanie, on the other hand, had emergency surgery on her left arm. She broke her radius and had a metal plate put in.

Stefanie now suffers seizures, stuttering, vertigo and severe PTSD. The community’s support will help her with numerous doctor visits, medicines and Reno trips.

Residents may know of Stefanie and her family’s devotion in helping others through difficult times or setting up holiday dinners for those in need or assisting others in the community. The Hanks family is always helping others.

Her husband, Jason, is a volunteer firefighter with the Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire Department.

Now, the Hanks family needs your help on Saturday. For three hours on Saturday, a silent auction and raffle will be held.

Cash donations are accepted at www/gofundme.com/2c6yr8c8.


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