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Seventy Republicans are about to send a letter to the chairman of the Republican Party, asking him to suspend all funds supporting Donald Trump for President, and use the funds for House and Senate races.

Think about it. They are willing to give up the White House to a corrupt, lying, gun grabber to protect their own special interests. The voters gave them the House and the Senate, and Obama ran roughshod over them. Clinton will do the same.

They couldn’t fight the first black President. Now they’ll say they can’t fight the first woman President. What a joke these yellow bellies are. Money and power is all that counts in today’s America. The people don’t mean squat. Both parties are guilty of this crime. The only solution is “Term Limits,” and that will never happen because they would have to vote for it.

God Bless America.

Norv Azevedo




So Terra Tech is “building the Nevada cannabis industry. With recreational use it is going to be a gargantuan piece of economic stimulation, the first company in history to get to get an S-1 registration effective for the issuance of shares doing something that is federally illegal.

The stance the Security and Exchange Commission takes is basically protecting the integrity of the market, making sure the company discloses things like risk ... but their job is not to pontificate on what we are doing and whether or not we are in performance of other laws. With quarterly reviews, and financial audits by a third party, and file reports ... we are the epitome of transparency and accountability ... Nevada has a history of doing a great job with regulation, like gaming and alcohol.” (quotes from a recent article in the Lahontan Valley News)

This disclosure of the gargantuan economic stimulation ahead for Nevada, despite being “federally illegal”, is not a good prospect for Nevada! It is a gargantuan economic stimulation for the rascals setting their scam in motion. Quarterly reviews, audits by a third party, and file reports will protect their finances, not the enormous risks dumped on the citizens of Nevada! What will protect families from just one more drastic pitfall - along with gaming and alcohol - on the path to peaceful and productive relationships? What will protect us from “unsafe drivers behind the wheel?” What will protect students from a “loss of attention and motivation, memory and learning?” What will protect babies from “neurological alterations before birth, giving them less potential for success?” (quotes from The National Institute on Drug Abuse) What will protect us from the results of allowing an evil enterprise to make money at the expense of the common good?

Mary Glaesman




This is directed to the attendees at the Pence rally who booed the military mother, Catherine Byrne, when she asked a question about Trump’s disrespect directed toward members of the armed forces. Have you no shame?

Sam Broyles


Nation of Islam should condemn attacks


I am wondering why Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has not bothered to condemn the various acts of Islamic terrorism.

John Frink

Carson City


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