Our Sincerest Gratitude

from the family of Jeff Hendrick

We, the family of Jeff Hendrick, would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support though this ‘rough patch’ in our lives. Although the search for Jeff has been concluded, we did not want to let too much time go by without letting everyone know how much their help and support has meant to the family.

So many people helped us in so many ways; we would like to take the opportunity to thank a few folks:

Charlie Gomes for responding so quickly to a friend’s request to fly around the valley; Randy, Kristen and Johnny Evans for their numerous flights at a moment’s notice when another site came to mind to search; Larry Turner and everyone at the Fallon Airport who continued to keep a look out each and every time their planes took flight; Rhonda Tanberg for being such a good neighbor with a watchful eye; Rachel Jackson for advice, encouragement, more encouragement, research and making such a great flyer; Jaimie Baker, Debbie Gadsby and Nancy Greenhalgh for putting up posters and their search efforts in the Reno area; Pat and Sally McAuliffe for traveling so far to help in the search; Wally Burton and friends for combing the Stillwater area; Lori Kolbert for helping us out of a bind, Rick Westbrook, Robert and Debra Peebles, Maureen (McMullin) and R.J. Clendenen, Chris McMullin, Ken Brown, Renee Cathcart, Gus Sullivan for their help and support.

We would also like to thank the following businesses and organizations: Lynn Pearce and Mike McGinness at KVLV Radio, Barney Haden and his office staff, The law office of Mackedon and Erquiaga for the quick council when we were lost and didn’t know where to turn, The Dentist Office of George Henderson, DDS, Washington Federal Bank for their co-operation, help and most of all, compassion, Lahontan Valley News, Fallon Senior Center, Battle-Born and Desert-Ratz for searching remote areas by ground, NAS Fallon for keeping an eye out, The FVFD and their Dive team, Fallon Search and Rescue, CCSO’s Deputy Fenner for his first response and ‘above and beyond’ off duty search, CCSO’s Captain Hickox, and Sgt. Rowe, Deputy Loop and Investigator Cooley for their search efforts on and off duty as well.

It seems impersonal to blanket the whole town with a thank you, but that is the magic of living in a small town. Everyone knew Jeff from Hendrick Upholstery, so the response to his disappearance has been overwhelming, from everyone. Although the outcome of the search was not in alignment with our prayers, we now look to so many happy memories to support us.

Thank you all, again, so much.

Dale and Carol Hendrick

Kevin and Emily (Hendrick) McAuliffe

Stephan and Molly (Hendrick) Nellman and family

Thayne and Laurel Hammond and family

Ron Wilson and family


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