Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016

What has happened to Carson City?

My God what has happened to our once clean and beautiful city?

Thank you for spending millions to beautify our downtown and give it once again the “old days” feelings.

But to be honest the homeowners/renters allowed to have multiple unregistered cars with no license plates sitting in their front yards is running wild, not to mention the junk RVs and boats.

And all the shopping carts finding their ways out of their perspective business onto the corners and byways of our fair city.

Between the trash being tossed out of car and blowing gracefully all over our once beautiful city, Carson City is becoming a slum.

What has happened to this city I was once able to brag about to people I met?

Do the people involved to correct this situation just don’t care about what is happening because they just consider Carson a good place to work, but because they don’t live here all this trash, this rubbish isn’t their issue?

Come on Mr. Mayor, and the board members, how about getting some stiffer rules on the books and/or possibly enforcing the ones that already exist?

I left the big city life to get away from these problems — are you going to allow Carson city to become a second rate trash city? I for one and many others Carsonites do agree, we are disappointed — please bring our beautiful, clean city back....

Don Jackson

Carson City


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