Greenwave HOF becomes reality

The Greewnave Hall of Fame committee is selling T-shirts designed by Butts Up Duck Designs as part of a fundraiser on Saturday at the community-wide reunion at Oats Park.

The Greewnave Hall of Fame committee is selling T-shirts designed by Butts Up Duck Designs as part of a fundraiser on Saturday at the community-wide reunion at Oats Park.

Many great athletes have walked through the halls of Churchill County High School.

From the Melon Pickers to the Greenwave, the county high school has a rich history that goes back a full century when Fallon dominated the sports scene with various state championships. Fallon, like any school, has had its share of down seasons, most recently in the tail end of when it competed in the 4A until 2010.

Through the good and the bad, Fallon has and continues to produce exceptional student-athletes. However, unless their name is written on the wall of gym or field, or their jersey has been retired, these standouts have been reduced to stories passed down from coach to coach as the high school welcomes in a new class every year.

Ask a high school student if they can name any member of the state championship baseball teams from the 1970s. Chances are the only answer will be a blank stare, confirming an ongoing problem of today’s youth not aware of the rich tradition of Greenwave athletics.

The Lahontan Valley strongly supports the Greenwave and it stuck by its football team during every losing season last decade. Support has never been the problem. The community floods the streets for every police escort when Fallon travels to and from the state championship. This past season’s wrestling and football teams’ recognition showed the fun and excitement one can only find in a small community.

Aside from rooting on the next state-bound Greenwave team, tradition could use more attention. Tradition unites the community with the high school. It connects the past, present and future. The Greenwave tradition needs a spark to help bridge the gap between Fallon’s great athletes and high school classes competing on the field today.

Creating the school’s first hall of fame is the answer. And it’s gained more steam and progress than previous attempts, fueled by several in the community who have a strong passion for the Greenwave and want to recognize the school’s best athletes. Many have graduated and competed in college, including the Division I level, and several went further into the professional ranks.

Fallon needs a high school hall of fame as much as the school needs to bolster its tradition and educate today’s youth about how great this small farming community has been in its 100 years of existence. Fallon’s created an Olympian, NFL starters, collegiate champion and most recently a rugby champion.

The time has come for Fallon for recognize its greatest athletes, coaches and contributors.

Visit the Greenwave Hall of Fame table at the community reunion on Saturday at Oats Park beginning at 4 p.m. The committee will be selling T-shirts for its first fundraiser. You will feel encouraged to want to be part of something special and long overdue as the hall of fame will induct its first class next year.

It’s time to honor those who put on the green and white and helped make Fallon the school it is now – a strong, consistent force in the 3A that has been a fixture in nearly all sports. Support the hall of fame and help the Greenwave restore a new sense of tradition and connect the past with today’s Greenwave stars.

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