Surprise: Dems party of no change

Editor’s Note: Guy Farmer is on vacation

Here’s an interesting game to play with your friends this election season: ask them who they think is not troubled by any of the following:

— Random terrorism in the name of ISIS in Europe and the USA

— Massive immigration from Syria and North Africa into Europe and North America

— Uncontrolled crossing of our southern border, with settlement of those border crossers in communities all across America

— A Middle East policy in shambles and getting worse daily, including the White House taking the lead in legitimizing the Iranian government despite our State Department labeling it a state sponsor of terrorism

— A worse economy than eight years ago, with more people out of the labor force than at any time in the past 30 years and high minority unemployment rates

— Worse race relations than at any time in living memory

— White House support of Black Lives Matter

— Washington consumed by “Pay to Play”

— The prospect of higher personal and business taxes than we have right now

— A national security strategy that calls climate change more dangerous than ISIS, China or Russia.

If your friends are stumped, tell them none of the above issues are a problem for supporters of the former party of the common man and the workers: the Democrats. They’re now the party of the mega-rich, New York investment bankers, Silicone Valley multi-millionaires, Hollywood producers and A-listers, Ivy League university professors, TV talking heads, Wall Street lawyers, Washington lobbyists, and hundreds of Senators and Congress people who tell their voters they support change but grow super wealthy from the status quo.

These people don’t support change. They want to keep things just as they have been the past seven years. They’re guarded by armed security, won’t have immigrants settle in their neighborhood, won’t feel the extra tax burden imposed on them, won’t care if the promised change never materializes — in short, politics as usual is OK with them because they’re the face of the new Democrat party, America’s One Percent, Hillary supporters through and through.

Bernie Sanders took pride most of his financial support came as donations of less than $200. Democrat financing today comes in six and seven figures, and for that amount of money donors are buying access and favors. A family who writes a $50 check to a presidential candidate is supporting someone they believe votes for policies they support. A banker or lawyer who writes a $500,000 check expects his call will be answered and he will have the President’s ear. Judging by DNC emails that have been released by hacker Guccifer, that expectation is being met. Lincoln’s famous line is now “government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.”

President Obama brags that net migration with Mexico has reversed — more people are moving to Mexico than to Texas and Arizona. That’s no surprise: politics here is now the same as in Mexico, only more expensive. Seven years of Democrat rule increased the strength of the super wealthy. Four more years will finalize our transformation into a Third World country.

Fred LaSor lives in the Carson Valley.


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