“The POOPcorn Stand” evidently needs a laxative

Every once in a while (actually more than once and a while), I catch someone’s ire with my opinions. One reader recently took exception to my opinions about the Raiders possibly moving to Las Vegas.

He also assailed my ability to judge Al Davis’ character based on my sort of 5-second encounter when I passed by him once while he was having a conversation with two other men. I wrote about how scary he was. Maybe I was so scared because it was night.

But in that 5-second encounter I had the impression he only cared about himself since he talked about how he — not the Raiders — was being screwed over by something or other. I guess I should have mentioned that.

Anyway the reader implied I should go by what Raider players — and there are many — who remained loyal to Davis until his death. Not to mention John Madden who was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Davis.

The reader concluded this column should be renamed “The POOPcorn Stand” and I was “full of crap.” I may disappoint this reader but this isn’t the first time — and I don’t think it will be the last time — I’ve been told my writing is “crap.”

One time a reader wrote about how my column was nothing but “silly crap.” But to those readers who think my writing is “crap” thank you for reading my “crap.”

I’m going to take a laxative.

— Charles Whisnand


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