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One of the all-time classic comedy scenes in television came on “Taxi” when Jim Ignatowski was taking his driving test.

Ignatowski kept asking his cab driving partners “What does a yellow light mean?” To which his cab driving partners kept responding “slow down.”

So each time his cab driving partners responded, Ignatowski would keep slowing down the question. “Whaaaaat doooooes a yellooooooow liiiiiight meeeeean?”

When it comes to Carson City drivers, I wished I could talk like Ignatowski. SLOOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOOOOOOWN!

With the beginning of a new school year, drivers in this community received ample warnings about driving in school zones, but the Sheriff’s Office is stating too many people aren’t heeding those warnings and driving too fast. Way too fast. In school zones.

King Street has been a particular problem over the years because people coming down from Kings Canyon Road think they’re in the Indy 500 and drive 40 to 50 miles an hour.

So needless to say, deputies will increase their patrol substantially to make sure people drive safely in school zones.

There are plenty of warning signs, flashing lights and crossing guards to let you know what’s going on. And if that’s not enough, ask yourself why everybody else is driving 15 miles per hour while your driving twice as fast.

When you approach a crosswalk come virtually to a stop looking for a crossing guard with the stop sign and children walking. When you’re making a right turn at a crosswalk in a school zone come to a complete stop. Look for children everywhere as sometimes they don’t always stay in the crosswalk.

The extra two to three minutes you take may save a life — and you a lot of legal trouble.

— Charles Whisnand


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