Western Nevada Supply brings Christmas to local kids

Jody Hedgcorth, Kids Christmas Coordinator for Western Nevada Supply, greets volunteers at Walmart on Topsy Lane.

Jody Hedgcorth, Kids Christmas Coordinator for Western Nevada Supply, greets volunteers at Walmart on Topsy Lane.

Christmas came early for children across Northern Nevada, thanks to the generosity of Sparks-based plumbing and industrial distributor, Western Nevada Supply.

Rick Reviglio, president and general manager of Western Nevada Supply, called on his employees and customers to volunteer at three separate shopping experiences in Carson City, Winnemucca and Elko for the company’s annual event.

Reviglio said the tradition began 19 years ago when the company’s leadership team began to question their practice of buying Christmas gifts for their customers.

“We asked ourselves and our customers, these people who own these companies and have all these blessings, if we could better serve our communities in another way,” Reviglio said. “We got together and decided the best gift we could give our customers was the opportunity to share a shopping trip with kids who have greater need.”

Without exception, Reviglio said his customers jumped at the chance.

This week, 126 children from Carson City, Carson Valley and Mason Valley Boys & Girls Clubs, climbed out of their Clubs vans, were escorted through pounding rain by a Western Nevada Supply employee wielding an umbrella and paired up with volunteers from the company and its clients at the Walmart on Topsy Lane in Carson City, while 50 kids in Winnemucca and 75 kids in Elko did the same in their respective cities.

Each child was given a budget of $100 and the stipulation to spend half on warm clothing and shoes, and the other half on a toy for themselves. Many of the children opted to buy gifts for family members.

Dink Getty, owner of Genoa Trees and customer of Western Nevada Supply, and his significant other, Laurel Wilson, waited with great anticipation for their shoppers.

“Every year we like to do something to help in our community,” Getty said. “This year we chose to participate with Western Nevada Supply. It feels like the right thing to do.”

Katie Leao, chief professional officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada, said Reviglio and his team really brought joy to struggling families, and helped ease the Clubs’ annual fundraising efforts.

“We are normally knocking on doors throughout our respective communities for donations to help our children experience Christmas through the generosity of others, and to experience the joy of being able to be generous to others by sharing their gift with family members,” Leao said. “This year, Rick and the team at Western Nevada Supply came in and single-handedly took care of our members who needed this the most. We are so grateful for their support.”

Reviglio watched with glee as volunteers and shoppers streamed by with carts full of coats, shoes and toys toward the check-out line.

“I love this event,” he said. “Being here today brings to light that the best present you can get is the one you give.”


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