Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016

Another bridge over Carson River is needed

After living in Dayton, east of the Carson River, I’ve noticed there is only one way in and one way out.

Where are the priorities? They build bridges for hiking and cycling, but not a bridge that could save thousands of lives if we had a water disaster.

I think it is time for our community to petition for another bridge. The safety of many people depend on a way to escape a disaster.

Ilene M. Whitemore


Changing downtown is foolish

I can’t believe Carson City is spending more than $8 million to change downtown from Fifth Street to Highway 50.

Does no one remember when new fiber-optic cables were installed a few years ago? The street traffic was backed up from Colorado Street to Winnie Lane. I remember, I went that way twice a day to work.

There was only one lane either way, north and south. What a traffic headache.

Why have the people of the city not been given a chance to vote on this? Who will pay to change the traffic lanes back when this blows up in our face? My guess is the taxpayers — again.

I feel like I’ve gotten no say in this change, just the few who have control of the grant and the Board of Supervisors.

Just like the fence to keep people safe downtown, where did that go? We need to keep track of this foolishness.

Phyllis Whited

Carson City


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