Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016

A question on natural born citizenship

So here’s a question for Karri Meares and all you Cruz doubters. My granddaughter was born in a German hospital of parents who were both born in Nevada. Her mother is a Colonel in the U.S. Army. Her father is a physician. But she was born on German soil. Is she eligible to be president someday?

Don Drake

Carson City

Clinton disrespected law in email scandal

The continuing unraveling of the Hillary Clinton email/classified information situation makes me wonder if we are a nation of laws anymore. Having worked in the classified program security department of a major defense contractor for seven years and having been the lead Investigator for incidents of mishandling of classified information, I have seen employees lose their security clearance for less than what she has been alleged to have done.

Everyone who receives a security clearance is given a briefing on how to properly handle the information. Confidential, secret, top secret and especially Special Access Program (SAP) are never supposed to be put on any unclassified computer system. For her to say the information she received (she was saying received and sent but now changes her story as the “noose” tightens) was not marked classified is not the issue. She is supposed to know that intelligence information, sources and methods of obtaining the information if classified.

Remember her excuse for not using the government email system? She said it was more “convenient” to not use it and instead use her own private email computer server. Well, guess what else is not “convenient?” Reading and disseminating classified information to those authorized to receive it. Not being able to put classified on unclassified systems means you have to use specific classified systems dedicated for the purpose of sharing information. It is inconvenient for a reason; the protection classified information and the sources, methods and means of collecting it protects our country!

David Knighton

Carson City


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