Plan for Carson City’s Lompa Ranch North submitted

A Carson City Master Plan amendment document filed with the city’s Community Development Department showed a 251 acres, mixed use project is envisioned north of East 5th Street.

The project, split with 203 acres west of Interstate 580 and 48 acres east of it on the northern portion of Lompa Ranch, would include residential housing of various densities and commercial space interspersed among the housing units. The plan also address landscaping and varying design.

“This sets the framework for how it will look, generally,” Lee Plemel, Community Development director said Friday.

The document was prepared for Blackstone Development Group of Reno by Rubicon Design Group, LLC, also of Reno, in conjunction with and after consulting with city planners here.

“The Lompa Ranch North Specific Plan Area,” according to the document, “is intended to provide for a sustainable community and includes a range of land uses” if the proposal is approved and constructed.

“Complementing the commercial uses and neighborhoods within Lompa Ranch North will be a linear open space preserve along Interstate 580 as well as a network of trails and sidewalks throughout the community, providing connectivity,” it said.

A diverse mixture of housing and commercial space is planned to “break up the monotony of traditional residential development by reinforcing the dynamics of character and identity within each neighborhood,” it said.

In fact, the plan made a point of saying there would be various small neighborhoods with differing elements rather than one large neighborhood, and new urbanism themes could be employed.

“Additionally,” as the plan put it, “new urbanism design principles such as house-forward designs with residential alleyways are permitted in the single-family areas.”

The plan envisions a density ranging from four to 36 units per acre in the residential parts, while the commercial would bring a “varying range of intensities” to serve those living or visiting the community.

The plan said in areas for single-family residences, the density would range from three to eight per acre.

The developer envisions not only single-family, but multi-family units such as “patio homes, duplexes, townhouses, etc.”

The part of the proposed development west of I-580 will be north of East 5th and east of Saliman Road; the smaller part to east of the freeway will run along the western side of Airport Road.

Plemel said the submission, which was submitted on Thursday, will be examined and placed on the city Planning Commission’s agenda for the Feb. 24 meeting.


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