Jury scam reported to Carson City court

A jury scam alert was issued Tuesday in Carson City.

During the weekend, according to a news release from Court Administrator Max Cortes, a local resident received a telephone call from someone claiming that failure to appear for jury service would cost $1,000 or a warrant would be issued.

“Please be advised this is a scam,” said the media announcement, and if contacted no one should provide such a caller with any personal information.

“The caller provided the resident with a number and told her it was the clerk’s office, and advised the resident to call to arrange for payment or a warrant would be issued,” the release said.

Cortes’ release said the number was 775-430-4995, which reaches a recording claiming the caller has reached the civil processing division of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, later identified as the judicial payments and citation department.

Any question regarding actual jury service should go to the First Judicial District Court at 775-887-2082, according to the Cortes’ release.


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