Multiple scams targeting area

A scam making the rounds is targeting veterans and the Veterans Administration. Ron Trentham, a Dayton veteran said he has received calls from a number claiming to be the VA, and asking for his bank account number. The man said this is unusual because the VA doesn’t typically contact via telephone and it deals through direct deposits.

“There were just a lot of red flags when I was talking to her,” Trentham said.

“But I can see where that can be enticing to someone because they are saying they will give you money.”

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said he has not heard of any other veteran scams recently, but said these types of incidents aren’t uncommon. He said the Sheriff’s Office has been seeing a lot of scams claiming to be the Sheriff’s Office and telling residents they need to pay a fine to avoid being arrested.

“We will never call you and warn you that you may be arrested,” Furlong said. “If you suspect whatsoever that you may be getting scammed, and want to verify it, contact Dispatch. We never encourage or suggest that residents make any payments.” Furlong said people should not trust their caller ID, because recent technology allows scammers to manipulate phone numbers to make it seem as if they are coming from a source, when they really aren’t. He suggests if you have any questions on the validity of the caller, to contact the responsible entity, not via a phone number given by the caller.

If you suspect someone may be scamming you, contact the Carson City Dispatch Center at 775-887-2007 or the Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2500.

Earlier this week, a jury scam alert was issued.

During the weekend, according to a news release from Court Administrator Max Cortes, a local resident received a telephone call from someone claiming failure to appear for jury service would cost $1,000 or a warrant would be issued.

“Please be advised this is a scam,” said the media announcement, and if contacted no one should provide such a caller with any personal information.

“The caller provided the resident with a number and told her it was the clerk’s office, and advised the resident to call to arrange for payment or a warrant would be issued,” the release said.

Cortes’ release said the number is 775-430-4995, which reaches a recording claiming the caller has reached the civil processing division of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, later identified as the judicial payments and citation department. Any question regarding actual jury service should go to the First Judicial District Court at 775-887-2082, according to the Cortes release.


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