Carson City Mayor Robert Crowell to present State of the City on Wednesday

Mayor Robert Crowell intends for his upcoming state of the city speech to portray a community on the move via past accomplishments and future prospects.

Crowell, set to speak at a noon hour Carson City Chamber of Commerce Soup’s On luncheon on Wednesday in the Gold Dust West Casino here, cited capital projects and city government transparency in a preview.

“The theme is going to be: A city on the move,” the mayor replied when asked about the talk. Delivering it at the chamber’s January luncheon is an annual tradition.

Crowell said he would look back on completed construction of the MAC (multi-purpose athletic center), current building of the new animal shelter and advances in city government transparency like Carson City Connect.

He said the latter allows a citizen to register a complaint, make a recommendation or otherwise interact with city departments and get quick action or replies.

“You either get a fix or have an answer in 24 hours,” he said. He also cited online access for residents of the city checkbook and budget information, as well as improved access and search capabilities on video of board meetings.

The mayor said he won’t take credit for past accomplishments, diverting it to the entire community.

“I’m going to talk about the development that’s going on,” he said, looking ahead.

He mentioned both prospective houses going into the Schulz Ranch subdivision at the city’s south edge and the beginning of the planning process for a Lompa Ranch North proposal on the city’s east side.

In addition, he said, he would discuss two matters that this month kicked off 2016: razing the old Citibank building at Telegraph Square to make way for a mixed use project downtown, and christening of the new USNS Carson City vessel in Alabama.

The event is sold out.


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