Darrell Moody: NBA needs to get a clue

Can I just say how idiotic the NBA looks these days?

First, letting the fans vote is just wrong. It turns out to be a popularity and ballot-stuffing fiasco of major proportions.

Case in point. Golden State’s Draymond Green should be a starter and not Kobe Bryant. Last season or not, Bryant shouldn’t even be an all-star. I was glad to see him remove himself from Olympic consideration. There are too many players out there who are playing much better basketball than Kobe. Bryant’s injuries in recent years have taken their toll, and he’s only a shadow of his once-great self.

My second point is the coaching fiasco.

The league refused to allow Luke Walton the opportunity to coach the West all-star team. Because he was filling in for Steve Kerr, he doesn’t get credit for the 39-4 mark. Kerr gets those wins, and Greg Popovich gets to coach the West because the Spurs have the second-best record.

Why wasn’t that thought process done in regards to the East all-stars?

David Blatt was fired despite the fact the Cavaliers were in first place. Instead of Blatt, Tyrone Lue get to coach the East. Lue was on the staff last year just as Walton was on the Golden State staff.

If the NBA is going to let Popovich coach then it should have picked the head coach from the second-best team in the East to coach.

What was wrong in letting Walton coach, or now that Kerr is back at the helm, letting him coach?

Not a thing.

The NBA All-Star game is nothing more than a defenseless exhibition. I’ve seen better defense played in pick-up games.


Lastly, there has been a lot of talk about intentional fouls and what to do about them.

I agree with Tim Kawakami, a Bay Area columnist, who said giving the offended team two shots and the ball might curtail that.

Teams could foul Detroit’s Andre Drummond all day and benefit by him shooting bricks all game long. Nobody wants to see a guy hit 13 of 36 from the line.


Either Mackay Stadium or Carson High will be the site of a football tripleheader on Aug. 27.

Carson, Galena and Reed will play three teams from Arizona, according to Carson coach Blair Roman.

Roman said the idea came from former Spanish Springs coach Scott Hare, who’s now coaching at Mesa High School.

Roman said the one sticking point to playing at Mackay is the stadium is undergoing some renovations and may not be ready by that date.

If that happens, CHS would host all three games.

I know it’s a thrill to play in a college stadium, but I think Carson would be a better, more intimate site.

Carson will play Desert Mountain. If the games are played at Mackay, Carson would play the opening game. If the games are at Carson, the Senators would play the last game of the day.

Desert Mountain’s team has the son of ex-NFL quarterback Kurt Warner on its roster, and the former NFL star also helps out coaching.


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