Past Pages for Sunday, July 3, 2016

150 Years Ago

Local affairs: Gov. Blasdel is dangerously ill, seized with hemorrhage of the lungs. Mrs. Blasdel is bringing the children to San Francisco as he will not be able to come home for some time.

130 Years Ago

Family feud: A pistol shot rang out at Sweeny’s corner and a moment later, parties coming out of Sweeny’s saloon found a man lying on the walk with a bullet through his brain. The assailant, Will Crow, was running away from the spot and making for a horse close at hand. A rush was made for Crow as he was about to mount his horse when cries of “Lynch him, Lynch him,” prevailed. He was taken to jail. The family feud began as the Crow and Hogan family have adjoining ranches and had been in litigation over water rights.

110 Years Ago

Trout dying: The refuse from saw mills and box factories is dumped into the Truckee River, and thousands of fish are dying from the bases that form in this refuse. Pine dust generates more alcohol and is deadly poison to any animal or fish ...

70 Years Ago

Pine Cone: Fire broke out as sparks from a trash fire were blown through an open window of a storeroom in the rear of the Pine Cone Café. Damage to the goods stored were thought to be considerable. The building is owned by E. J. Sweetland, and the Pine Cone operated by Jack Schumacher. Fire Chief George Meyers said that fires should never be left until they are completely out.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Judge Clark J. Guild, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and general curator of the Nevada State Museum, stands proudly beside the replica of the nation’s Liberty Bell which will be rung on July 4 in a revival of the “Ringing of the Bells” on Independence Day.

20 Years Ago

Massive outage: Electricity and phone service was out for more than 1.5 million customers from Canada to the Southwest after power lines failed in a rapid chain reaction on a record hot day. In affected areas the blackout snarled traffic, forced hospitals and air traffic controllers to use emergency measures, briefly darken flashy casinos and shut off air conditioners. At least 700,000 people lost power in Northern Nevada.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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