Natural Living: Do what you love, love what you do

Having just celebrated July 4th, we are reminded of what our forefathers accomplished to create independence for our great country. We are reminded why so many fought for freedom and their right to pursue their dreams. It’s good to evaluate your life occasionally and ask yourself, “Am I pursuing my dreams?” If not, it’s time to reassess and learn to love life again!

A child’s presence in the world is something to behold, fully being present in every moment of sheer joy and utter discontent. They will surely tell you how they feel without holding back, having so many aspirations and an ‘I can do anything attitude’ that can conquer the world.

So what happens as we age and get ingrained in our society’s indoctrination? We somehow get caught up in what we’re supposed to do, what society thinks is proper and what our parents and peers think is the course of life to take or perhaps we just follow this course because everyone else does.

This path that most people take in our society can be a rewarding one, full of dreams, passions, inspirations, accomplishments and fulfilling relationships. Unfortunately most people have a hard time maintaining this path. They soon find themselves stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, too little time and maybe even too many choices. Some may find themselves coasting in an OK job surrounded by material objects that don’t really interest them anymore. Others feel trapped in a pattern of putting other people’s needs before their own, saving their dreams and aspirations for someday in the future.

This can be a path to ruin when we find ourselves stuck in life, so too does the true essence in our being. This derailment from our track can lead to great challenge, creating a feeling that our world is turning upside down with sudden trauma, illness or severe injury, a broken off relationship, a foreclosed house, or a loss of job. Little do many of us know at first that these are just wake-up calls, and if we listen to them we can reclaim our true happiness and love of life.

So, how do we recapture this natural birthright of loving life again and being joyful in all that we do? First look at your life in this present moment and define the meaning of joy? What does it mean to you? How do you experience it in your daily life? What opens your heart and defines who you truly are? Once you answer these questions, harness them and start creating change to a life you are truly here to triumph. Some may find these answers don’t come easily or that maybe it’s too late for them. If you’re still here, it’s not too late! You must pursue your inner guidance and you will find your truth.

For some, this may lead them to a major life transformation, like quitting a dead end job, moving, ending a loveless relationship, or starting a family. For others, it can be small, simple things, such as finding more time for yourself, spending more time with your loved ones, picking up on your art work, taking photos of the beauty that surrounds you, or simply listening to relaxing music.

Along the path to opening your heart, here are some things that will help you along the way.

Live in the moment! Being able to live in the moment means appreciating what’s around you. It’s about having your attention on ‘the now,’ instead of reminiscing about what’s already gone, or worrying about what’s yet to come.

Focus on the positive! When you’re thinking about future goals and ambitions, don’t forget about the areas in your life that are currently supportive and let this positive energy be fuel for your transformation.

Be grateful! For all that you have and all the people that walk along your path and in your way. There are always lessons to be learned from people who we love and love us and people that challenge us. Be grateful for the opportunities that are created by these encounters.

When you are operating from your true essence, your heart center, life takes on new meaning.


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