Letter to the editor for Thursday, July 7, 2016

Organizers of Epic Rides event gave no thought for downtown residents

Right off the top, I want to express how disgusted I and I know many others are with the lack of consideration for our downtown residents when it came to the so-called planning for the three-day bicycle race event, and, Nick, I would hate to believe that it was you.

Now, there shouldn’t have been too much thought when it came to the barricades. With the mess that’s already going on, almost all the downtown streets are already blocked off.

Now let’s talk about the residents who live in the center of said event. It’s straight up crap the stories I heard from other neighbors trying to get back home from being out. The really bad thing about this is a couple of the stories came form handicapped residents, one of them being my dad. Excuse me? Since when do we tell someone with a handicap to leave their vehicle where it is and that they are to walk home from there? We don’t do that crap to one with a handicap or to people that can’t handle the heat!

Which brings me to my story. My mom can’t handle the heat! Not one person — an officer, a volunteer officer and whatever the others were, and they weren’t either of the two mentioned — could come up with an answer to my simple question other than, and this is not a joke nor is it made up, “I don’t know,” and my simple question was, how do the residents that live in the center of this crap get to their homes?

Sorry, but “I don’t know” isn’t what you say to someone trying to get out of the heat and get home! Yes, this came from officers, volunteers and whatevers.

So, whoever was standing at a stupid barricade, what was their purpose for standing there? They couldn’t provide a solution or become the solution. That is pretty pathetic!

Sounds like some classes need to be given on both planning events and how to treat our fellow residents.

Dennis Lee

Carson City


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