Letters to the editor for Friday, July 8, 2016

Political signs around town are eyesores

I would like to address pollution — political pollution. We have been through the primary election, with its overwhelming mass of political advertising. Now it is over, and because “it is too much work to remove our signs and then put them back later,” we have to endure the forest of political signage, not for two weeks or one month prior to the election in November, but for four months.

Someone will realize how many people are offended by this pollution and will remove their signs for the summer. They will re-erect their signs closer to the actual election. The reappearance, or newness, of these signs will be noticed and appreciated by the electorate and will probably far outweigh the “extra work” involved. By then the other names will have faded into the background.

Personally, my vote will go to these non-polluters.

David W. Strickler

Carson City


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