Many veterans put their businesses on hold to serve

In a recent Manta poll, 16 percent of small business owners said they were veterans, service-disabled veterans or active duty/reservists.

Of those, 20 percent said they’d been called away from their business for military service.

Their dedication doesn’t end there: Veteran-owned small businesses also make hiring other veterans a priority. According to the poll, 75 percent of veteran small business owners try to hire employees who are also veterans.

According to the Census Bureau’s most recent Survey of Business Owners, veteran-owned firms employed 5.79 million and had annual payrolls totaling $210 billion. Together, veteran-owned businesses generated $1.2 trillion in sales in 2007.

Veteran-owned businesses are more likely to be home-based than those owned by civilians. Nearly one-third of all veteran-owned businesses are in the construction or professional/technical services industries.

Kitty McConnell is the Manta Content editor.


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