View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Stillwater Celebration. The hospitable people of Stillwater had extended an invitation to the general public to participate in the observance of our National Day at that place, and early in the morning people began pouring in from every direction with autos, buggies and wagons gaily decorated in the national colors, while many came on horseback. If anyone wanted to know the location of Stillwater, all they had to do was to follow a streak of dust, for all roads led to the former county seat.

Churchill County Eagle, July 8, 1916.

A Reward is Offered. Shooting at insulators puts power line out of commission Monday. Last year there was some trouble caused on the power line between Lahontan and Fallon through some one using the insulators for target practice. Warning was given at that time, but again the same practice comes into play.

Churchill County Eagle, July 8, 1916.

Overland Hotel is now open under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Geo E. Sherman, who invite the patronage of the traveling public. First Class Bar, free bus meets in connection all trains.

Churchill County Eagle, July 8, 1916

75 Years Ago

Automobile drivers’ licenses numbering 355 have been issued up by Ramon Arrizabalaga Jr., examiner, and Dean Benedetti, clerk. During the first five days the office has been open an additional 21 licenses were issued to chauffeurs. The Fallon Standard, July 9, 1941

Hikes 20,600 miles. Four years after leaving Venezuela, Julio Berrizbeita, 19-year-old Boy Scout, arrived in Washington, completing his 20,600 mile hike. He carried a letter from the president of Venezuela to F.D.R. The Fallon Eagle, July 12, 1941

50 Years Ago

Irvin Miller of Schurz led the Raymond Willy Indian Dancers to victory as the best dance group at the second annual Fallon Pioneer Days Nevada Indian Dance competition. Leland Jonson’s Eagle dance was executed in imitation of a soaring eagle, arms outstretched. The Jimmy Franks of Stillwater appeared in their costumes made of bark. Mr. Frank is 99 years old.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, July 5, 1966

Green and yellow decals proclaiming Fallon to be the “Oasis Of Nevada” have been placed on all city vehicles, the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District equipment and Churchill County Telephone and Telegraph equipment. The Chamber of Commerce has adopted the symbol, and it can be used by local merchants. The seal was designed by Russell Woodward with Ed Douglas of the electrical department. The seal has representations of several phases of Churchill County. A checkerboard tower and a jet represent the local Navy and Air Force Installation.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, July 12, 1966

Mosquitoes beware! Milton Lakey, assistant city engineer, is instructing Jess Munoz and Ken Eixenberger in where to lay a culvert to rid the nearby residences of one of the major mosquito breeding sites in the city.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, July 12, 1966

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper and Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum assistants.


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