Voter registration continues to increase in June

Nevada’s voter rolls have grown to more than 1.55 million as of the end of June.

That is an increase of 19,535 in the month since registration for the primary election closed and 85,257 since January.

Democrats have expanded their registration edge over Republicans by 12,915 in total registered voters during that six-month period. They now have 627,079 total voters compared to 521,886 Republicans. When just active voters are counted, the Democratic edge is smaller but still substantial — 69,761.

Churchill County saw a proportionate increase in registration, up 77 in June and 658 since January to a total of 13,845.

Voters are moved to inactive for several reasons, most commonly because they move and fail to inform the registrar. But their numbers count because they can still vote when they show up on election day.

Democrats have added 41,189 voters since January; Republicans just 28,274.

Nonpartisan voters, the next largest group, have added 13,183 to their rolls in the past six months for a total of 308,502 total voters.

That matches a national trend that has seen more voters this year move to nonpartisan status, which pundits see as a reaction to dissatisfaction with their presidential nominees.


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