The Popcorn Stand: It’s touch-and-go with Pokemon

Pokémon lovers across the globe always asked, “What if Pokémon were real and in our world?” Well, now thanks to smartphones, GPS technology and some pretty impressive augmented reality in Pokémon Go, “they really do exist.”

In essence, Pokémon Go users download the app and sign in with a character, after that you walk around on a reality treasure hunt where you have to physically move to find and catch Pokémon — you want to collect them all. The game, which has only been out since Thursday doesn’t look like it’s going to lose any steam soon. Here’s a few things we have learned:


“I have to get to the next “Pokéstop” .... three blocks later, wait there’s another one.” Pokémon Go may be the latest health fad to sweep the U.S.

Children everywhere are no longer saying they’re bored and have nothing to do.

This is a major step forward in the world of augmented reality.

It’s a new way for marketing. Small businesses and museums have reported a spike as people are chasing down the illusive monsters.


Big brother is watching: The app collects a lot (too much) of your personal information.

Incredible waste of data on your cell phone

Public safety: Nationwide reports are a group of boys used the game to lure and rob others; there was a serious accident reported while a distracted driver was playing the game; traffic backups and personal injury. There’s also been reports of trespassing.

While we enjoy a nice escape, it seems reading a book or going for a walk without your phone would be a better use of the time. If you want to try for yourself, download the app and try. Now, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a few more Pokéstops we need to hit.

­­— Adam Trumble

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