Doug and the hummingbird

My readers must get tired of my talking about my health. However, when you’re elderly how you feel often determines just what you’re going to do each and every day. This was one of those days. My son Doug had two doctors’ appointments in Carson City on the same day.

We also planned to take some of my crewel designs to Reno. Why not do it together? Of course this was one of those times — here we go again – when my heart was doing its thing. At 92 I’m grateful it still works at all! That, and a bad knee had me asking “the good man” why I had even gotten up that morning. I was determined to see it through and make the trip.

While I was getting ready, Doug went outside to fill our hummingbird feeder. He came back in with a most astonished look on his face saying, “You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you!” This is what happened. He leaned over a little fence to get to the feeder hanging close to the back wall of the house. As he brought it out, a hummingbird came up and right in front of his face.

That tiny bird flew up and down as if to say, “hang on buddy, I want a drink.”

Doug reached out his hand with the near-empty feeder. That little bird flitted over, sat down and had a nice drink. Then it flew away in front of Doug, moving up and down again as if to say “thank you.” Doug said he was so surprised he just stood there a minute.

Doug said it was one of the most beautiful moments in his life. He kept repeating this into Carson City. While there, a friend suggested trying the new LA Bakery behind Adele’s restaurant on John Street. It was easy to find. Standing in front of their display case our mouths were wide open. There weren’t any donuts, but about 40 assorted and amazing “goodies” that were so beautiful I thought I’d gone to bakery heaven.

Making a choice to go with our coffee was going to be difficult. You’d have to see those fruit laden, whipped cream covered, assorted selections to even try and imagine how astonishingly great the pastries looked. It’s enough to say we were very happy campers with our selections. Then it was off to Doug’s skin doctor’s appointment, then to his next appointment, the plumbing doctor. That one took a little time.

Some minor surgery to repair leaks is now scheduled sometime in August. Male or female, it’s tough getting older! That appointment finished, we headed to Reno. I’ve talked often about my crewel designs. When I had a local avenue for their sale it was fine, but that was limited and I did something late last year. Getting four of my works together I mailed them to the Richardson Gallery in Reno.

Their ad in the telephone Yellow Pages had caught my eye. To make a long story short, they’ve sold three of my designs and had asked to see some more. I wasn’t certain they’d be interested in what I had done. Most of their sales are from very well known and important artists. I’m not one of them and my work doesn’t go for money in the thousands. We were in for a surprise.

They seemed excited about my newest works and I do hope some are sold so that I can continue with my gifts to assorted local charities. It’s what I do with my days. Afterward, our last stop was for a late lunch at one of Reno’s famous restaurants. I ordered what I was told was an Italian Margarita. The waitress brought this beautiful pink drink with the glass’s edge lined with dark pink salt.

Beside it stood a thin tiny glass holding a thick liquid, Amoretto. I was supposed to add it to the large drink, but I had to taste it first. That cocktail was the most delicious drink I’ve ever had. I told the waitress that the next time I was going to have three of them, their famous salad and bread sticks and forget anything else. Of course, we had their “try three different pastas” and a small desert.

It was an interesting day, busy, fruitful and fun. However, by the time we saw the end of our little cul-de-sac, we were both ready to get home and play with tour puppies.

Edna Van Leuven is a Churchill County writer and columnist. She may be reached at


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