WNC to offer ag classes, rodeo

Sherry Black

Sherry Black

For the first time, Western Nevada College will offer agriculture classes to students at the Fallon campus, beginning this fall.

Students can enroll now in up to three Agricultural Science classes for the upcoming semester that begins Aug. 29. They include the following:

Agriculture Communication & Organization


Intercollegiate Rodeo

“We expect that the rodeo club will be approved and we are inviting team members,” said WNC Fallon Campus Director Sherry Black.

More related classes are set to follow in the spring.

“Agriculture is one of Nevada’s most important industries and economically contributes significantly to our rural communities,” said Black. “Locally, students can be interested in agriculture without necessarily being interested in rodeo, so we have the opportunity to reach a wider spectrum.”

By enrolling in WNC’s introductory Agricultural Science classes, students may develop an interest in pursuing an undergraduate program covering soil science, animal health, management, commodities, finance, plant science or business communications.

They might also cultivate a passion for associate degree programs that focus on turf grass management, ag business, wildlife technology, food science and forest technology, to name a few possibilities.

Initially, Black said, 11 Agricultural Science classes are under consideration for the program, with two to three offered each semester.

“The support from the community has been positive and we are receiving calls from interested individuals throughout Northern Nevada and California,” Black said.

AGSC 102, or Agriculture Communication & Organization, is the starting point for students considering a career in agriculture. The class meets once each week for approximately three hours.

“Agriculture Communication and Organization is an introductory course for students interested in exploring Ag degrees. It will assist students in strengthening their leadership skills inside and outside of agriculture,” Black said.

Students who have an interest in participating in rodeo and developing their horsemanship skills can enroll in (AGSC 122) Intercollegiate Rodeo and (AGSC 163) Horsemanship.

In the Horsemanship class, there will be demonstrations of Western horseback riding techniques and equitation. Students will learn the foundation for good, basic and effective horsemanship that can later be developed into more specialized riding. The class will cover riding, safety, grooming, saddling, staling, handling, feeding, exercise and health.

Intercollegiate Rodeo provides men and women with a deeper understanding of the sport, whether they want to become a knowledgeable spectator, producer or participant. The twice-weekly class covers rodeo history, rules and equipment, as well as physical and mental conditioning.

Black said that plans to launch a Rodeo Club team this fall are growing as additional students express interest.

“The class is separate from a Rodeo Club team, but team members will most likely take the class,” Black said. “The club will meet at specified times once established, at times that work for members.”


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