Tahoe kayaker may have drowned

A 43-year-old kayaker was found floating in Lake Tahoe on Tuesday after family members reported finding his vessel floating near El Dorado Beach with the life jacket inside.

According to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, officers and Timber Cove Marina employees took up the search. The marina employees found Paul Anthony Aguirre unconscious and not breathing.

He was pulled from the water and they started CPR while transporting him to the pier.

South Lake Tahoe Marine officers took over CPR efforts until fire and rescue personnel arrived.

After 30 minutes of life-saving efforts, Aguirre couldn’t be revived.

According to the initial investigation, it appears Aguirre’s kayak capsized in 13-15 mph sustained winds.

Police Spokesman Lt. Brian Williams said there was a 1-foot chop on the lake in the area and the temperature was 69 degrees.

Aguirre was located at the water’s surface, approximately 300 yards off of the shoreline of El Dorado Beach, where the depth was approximately 10 feet, he said.

Aguirre was a resident of Rio Linda, Calif., and was vacationing with family and friends this week.

Williams warned residents and visitors Lake Tahoe can be deceptive.

“To enjoy Lake Tahoe fully, it is important to understand that taking appropriate safety precautions is invaluable,” he said. “Cold water shock can pose an immediate and potentially deadly threat to those unexpectedly immersed in its cold waters. This is in addition to the risks of hypothermia and exhaustion; both of which can lead to drowning.”

He asked that boaters check weather conditions, to remain near someone else and to wear a life jacket.


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