View from the Past

100 Years Ago

More than 150 people were made homeless by a fire which swept the town of Verdi Wednesday night. The fire started in the brush presumably from sparks from the mill, and fanned by a strong wind in a short time, huge burning brands were flying in all directions. A large barn was the first building to go and soon the whole town north of the railroad tracks was destroyed. Upon Governor Boyle’s orders supplies of cots intended for the Nevada cavalry were rushed to Verdi on a train.

Churchill County Eagle, July 29, 1916

Will try for record. In an endeavor to establish a record for time from New York to San Francisco over the Lincoln Highway, a Marmon car passed through here yesterday. The car left New York at one o’clock Monday morning and according to schedule should have arrived in ‘Frisco this morning at about seven o’clock. Lester Hoover acted as pilot from Austin to Fallon and Herbert Hoover from Fallon to Reno.

Churchill County Eagle, July 29, 1916

75 Years Ago

Car takes swim. Irvie Sanford Jr., was unhurt but his car was badly damaged Wednesday evening, when, as he was driving towards Fallon from Sheckler district, the car failed to take the turn. Crashing through the wooden railing of the bridge, the coupe settled into several feet of water in the canal. According to witnesses Sanford was out of the vehicle and perched on top of it almost before it came to rest in the canal. He was aided to dry ground by Steve Maffi.

The Fallon Eagle, July 19, 1941

For 21 years Lewis E. Lawes was boss of Sing Sing and now he is leaving to be a writer and lecturer. He is taking a last look at his old domain, where as warden he became internationally famous as a penologist.

The Fallon Eagle, July 19, 1941

50 Years Ago

Fallon Theatre presents Erik St. John, D.D., Ph.D. and Charles Edwards, D.D., C.H…they will hypnotize volunteers from the audience in seconds! Dr. St John is the same man who hypnotized Nadine Weist in Fallon in 1964. Nadine set the women’s world record for marathon bowling . That feat has not yet been equaled…Spectacular, exciting! See Nadine Weist, World’s Record Marathon Bowling Champion at the Fallon Theatre.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, July 29, 1966

The crowning of the Churchill County woman who has been a Democrat for the longest period of time will be the highlight of the Democratic Shindig this week. The informal shindig seeks to re-create one part of the old days when one personally knew the candidates. Television, radio, and printed speeches are poor substitutes for personal contact and the opportunity to size up the caliber of man or woman for whom one will vote.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, July 29, 1966

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper and Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum assistants.


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