Carson City showing generosity for law enforcement

In light of recent events across the country, law enforcement officers aren’t viewed in the best light by all Americans, however, the Carson City community has shown those in the Sheriff’s Office how much they are appreciated.

In recent weeks, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office has received a number of tokens of appreciation from the community — from cards and flowers to homemade cookies and kind emails.

“We have had so much support form the community,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “I think everywhere in mainstay America is truly thankful for and respective of what officers do and that has been clearly evident over the last few weeks.”

Furlong said their officers have received a nice reception from several members of the community — even things as small as a pat on the back means a lot to officers.

“So many have asked me ‘how do you do it? How do you come to work when there is so much violence directed at law enforcement?’” Furlong said. “And, I appreciate the support because it is a constant reminder to myself of the support that surrounds us.”

To the department, these sentiments show the community sees the officers as more than just someone with a badge.

“On and off duty our officers are part of the town; they are coaches on football teams, moms and dads at ballet class, the people you sit next to in church. They are everywhere,” Furlong said.

“We are surrounded by a good community, with so many people who have said they would place themselves between us and a conflict and you have to keep that in mind when you do this job.”

Furlong said while the support has been great, the department has to focus on continuing its duties like before.

“There is bad; and bad things will happen that will cripple your duties and that is the challenge,” Furlong said. “We want to exercise caution but do it in the ways we’ve always done it and not just because of something that happened in another state.”

For new law enforcement officer Nick Simpson, getting these tokens of appreciation helps increase morale during difficult times.

“First and foremost, it is an amazing feeling (getting the support) especially being new in the wake of how readily available incidents around the country and world are,” Simpson said. “As a new deputy in law enforcement, seeing the amount of support from our community is always a great feeling.”

The deputies have been receiving anonymous gifts, including a thank you note from a Carson City citizen that was made for each deputy.

“There hasn’t been a method of showing support that we haven’t experienced, and more frequently right now,” Furlong said. “To those people, thank you, it does make a difference.”


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