Heat wave to continue

Wednesday’s temperature in Carson City hit a high of 101 degrees, the highest since 1981.

It’s possible that it also could have been a day where air conditioning bills hit a record high. The weather station on the roof of the Nevada Appeal, also recorded a high of 101 at 1:56 p.m. Wednesday.

Either way, you can expect both aspects to increase through the end of this week.

According to the National Weather Service office in Reno, a hot spell of 102 degrees is expected to start today and carry into Friday. The service also predicts a slight chance of thunderstorms to linger over the area, but that doesn’t mean there’s going to be rain with it.

However, Northern Nevada is the coolest spot to be for our neighbors in California and southwestern parts of the country. In southern California, high records of 107 and 108 degrees were set this week. Up north in Redding, it wasn’t any different; the high there was 106 degrees.

But places farther down south experienced even higher numbers. Las Vegas dealt with 112-degree heat on Wednesday. As for cities in Arizona, such as Bullhead City and Lake Havasu, people most likely stayed inside to avoid 113-116 degrees of sweltering heat.

So for your own sake, maybe it’s worth cranking up the A/C to maintain sanity. Change things up a bit by cooling off at the Carson City Aquatic Facility.

Most importantly, stock up on water, stay hydrated and take the time to learn how to identify the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


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