The Popcorn Stand: When I watch a convention or game, I actually want to watch a convention or game

I love following politics almost as much as I love following sports although I must admit when somebody asked me what I thought of Sanders running I responded, “Barry Sanders is making a comeback.”

But I don’t like the ESPN-ization (already my cheap shot of ESPN) in which the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are covered the way sporting events are covered today. At work this week, I looked up at the TV expecting to see coverage of the DNC and all I saw were a bunch of talking heads pontificating on every minute, meaningless detail imaginable. Paralysis through analysis. Just like the talking heads on MLB, NFL, ESPN, etc.

I’m waiting for this to happen in convention coverage: “This is Wolf Blitzer and Anderson what do you think Hillary should be saying right now... oh wait a minute, this just in, Hillary Clinton has accepted the Democratic nomination for president.”

I’m also waiting for the split screen in which Hillary and Trump are speaking on one side while the other side is showing the announcers or some meaningless interview or “Blitzer’s Bits.”

I know I’m picking on Wolf Blitzer when they’re all the same. I just like writing Wolf Blitzer.

I’m also waiting for in the middle of Hillary’s or Trump’s speech, the sideline reporter asks Hillary or Trump “What do you think of your speech so far?”

Actually I miss the sideline reporters at conventions. I remember the days before conventions became dog and pony shows when reporters were actually allowed to walk the convention floor. The most infamous incident came in the 1968 DNC when Dan Rather was roughed up and Walter Cronkite called those rouging up Rather “thugs.”

Whatever happens, note to networks, whenever I’m watching a convention or a game I actually want to watch the convention or the game and nothing else.

— Charles Whisnand


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