RSVP in need of respite volunteers

The Nevada Rural Counties RSVP (Rural RSVP) Respite Care Program provides time off for caregivers in Carson City who provide 24/7 care to hundreds of Nevada’s seniors and adults with a disability.

Caregivers are so busy taking care of others they may not have time to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, the exhaustion and frustration that comes with this intense care of another puts them at high risk for medical issues and can compromise their wellbeing and health, and can even cause them to predecease the people for whom they are caring. When this occurs, in many cases, the person being cared for has no option but institutionalization.

Rural RSVP’s Respite Care Program places volunteers in the homes of the primary caregivers to allow them to take much needed regular breaks. These regular breaks are lifesaving and can include visits to friends, to medical appointments, to the movies, for lunch, or to simply catch an uninterrupted nap or personal time at home. Knowing their loved one is safe, supervised, and in good hands is such a relief. Caregivers are able to continue with their selfless care of another.

RSVP volunteers offer a solution by providing a care partnership with the family at no charge. Volunteers receive ongoing training in order to be well prepared for their assignments and are able to provide the necessary relief to those in need of respite. Family members, volunteers, health care providers, and the community all work together with the care recipient at the center of this care partnership. The quality of life is enhanced for all in the partnership.

Volunteers are asked to submit references and undergo a background check before being introduced to a family requesting services. Rural RSVP works with the caregiver and volunteer in order to arrange a service plan and a schedule that works well for all parties.

Rural RSVP volunteers are asked to provide 10 hours of service each week, for a total of about 40 hours a month. In exchange, they receive a monthly stipend of $175 plus mileage reimbursement to and from the care recipients’ home.

Rural RSVP doesn’t charge for respite care; however, donations are needed and appreciated. No one is turned away because of an inability to contribute. The suggested donation is $5 per hour. Any amount the family can contribute is helpful.

To receive a volunteer registration/application form for a volunteer position, contact Rural RSVP’s Respite Coordinator Kathy Hanson at 775-687-4680, ext. 117. Families in need of respite care may also contact Kathy to set up an appointment for care.

For more information about Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc. contact Executive Director Susan Haas or visit


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