Letters to the editor for Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chris Forbush refuses to roll in dirt

People say Chris Forbush doesn’t meet the residency requirements to run for Assembly. They say he isn’t eligible, that votes for him are “wasted.” You would think if he were ineligible that his opponents would have brought a lawsuit against him already. They haven’t. Why not? Because he is a resident and they would lose the lawsuit. So why attack him?

Forbush happens to be the front-runner now. Word is he is polling around 50 percent, so they resort to discredit him. Attacking Forbush is simple political mud-slinging and Al Kramer, Ron Knecht, Sam England, and Ira Hansen have all thrown their handfuls at him. How has Forbush responded? His campaign researched the law, prepared a legal brief, sent it public, and without any retaliation he simply went back out campaigning and knocking on doors. Now there is a man worthy of my vote.

We all complain about politics being dirty and “business as usual.” Forbush is different. He maintains dignity amid the hailstorm of mud others throw, and even being slandered Forbush wants to work with Knecht and Hansen when he is in the Assembly. Forbush is so much more than just the “only candidate endorsed by the Carson City Republican Party,” and more than just the most articulate, well-studied constitutional scholar we’ve ever seen run for the Assembly, which he is. He is a gentleman. He is a statesman. And the people clearly love him. He is exactly the “different” for which I and they have been looking.

Jonathan Steele

Carson City


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