Cheers & Kudos: CASI thankful for support of roundtable discussion

On May 28, CASI celebrated the spirit of community by hosting a roundtable discussion with area rescue nonprofits and veterinarians. We listened, shared, asked, answered, and focused on meeting our important objectives while helping each other in the process.

The wonderful collaboration that our common objective brings — finding loving homes for all of our furry friends — made for worthwhile, and sometimes challenging, conversation.

CASI would like to extend a special thank you to Doug Brimm, Joanna Rice, and Chuck Crittenden for inviting us to host at Kids and Horses Therapeutic Center ( and treating everyone to a delicious lunch! Your facility is truly inspiring and celebrates the beautiful bond between humans and animals.

Sharing a few hours on a Saturday to work together ... I’d say that was time well spent.

Lisa Schuette

CASI chair


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