Jenny’s Talk of the Town: Music, food and fun at Glen Eagles

The cocktail napkin from Glen Eagles that inspired it all ...

(That is, my column)

Glen Eagles is on

The north end of town

On 395, it’s easily found.

Craig and Terry

Rocky on Sax,

The music is great

And it’s filled to the max.

Shorty and Donna

Dance in the crowd

A cute little couple

We are always quite wowed.

Kenny the bartender

Serves them up fast.

He knows what you want

Without being asked.

Al is the owner

With a new bride too

Sherrol is the social one

But Kim runs the crew.

Lest I forget,

The care that you get

From the staff

For all of the patrons

It takes a full crew

To do what you do

Kudos to you at Glen Eagles.

Warm, family business

The food it is great.

Appetizers at the bar,

You can take a date.

One of my favorites

For my husband, Ed and I

You should really try it.

Just drop by.


Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center in oil and watercolor, many times accompanying her art with a poem. She lives in Carson City. She welcomes poem ideas at


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