Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 12, 2016

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Clean energy may be solution to state’s financial problems

Over the decades, Carson City has attempted to be something other than a small gambling community while keeping a low environmental profile. A difficult task to be sure.

Tax incentives continued to lure small and large business under the low environmental profile. Jobs and population increases continued to improve the revenue collections.

Medical marijuana (pot) farms were approved. The user population seeking approval soared. Increased tax revenues and the effects on society are yet to be determined.

Then there’s the tourist revenue that is what it is, year in and year out. Next you have the more recent attempts to build wind farms and solar arrays on a commercial level that were halted by the EPA.

Over the decades there have been seven energy states unaffected by our country’s economic destruction. Nevada could very well resolve its ongoing financial problems via clean energy.

Last week, the Senate gave the House its version of an all encompassing energy bill. The House said it would make two small changes and approve the bill. Nothing happens without energy.

I think it’s time for our Congressional representatives to halt the cart blanche authority they gave the EPA decades ago. It’s also time to stop increasing the population for its “stop gap” revenue collections. It’s a terrible way to solve economic problems.

Ron Wood


Columnist needs compassion for transgender population

In his column of May 28, Guy Farmer reveals not only a stunning ignorance of the issues associated with gender dysfunction, but as well an open hatred and fear of homosexuality.

Farmer supports his dysfunction with statistics justifying discrimination against transgender children and adults because of their low percentage of our population. How does that argument fly when applied to the ethnic minorities in this country? Is it permissible to discriminate against African Americans (or any other ethnic group) because they are not a majority?

Farmer’s screed might have some credibility until he childishly jabbed at Hillary Clinton using the word “queer.” Just like the “N” word, the “Q” word is derogatory when used by a non-member of that particular minority.

I used to think Farmer was a responsible member of the media, but his recent ranting displays his fear and hatred of the people about whom he writes; if he were to read Jon Ralston’s column of May 27, and attempt to empathize with the struggles of transgender children as well as that of their parents, perhaps Farmer might gain some compassion and understanding.

Sam Broyles


America needs to become a united family again

America needs another 9-11. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk.

To be honest I’m very disappointed if the best we have to offer for our future president is a person being investigated by the FBI for crimes and a womanizing reality TV star. We should be embarrassed.

If our country’s mental thoughts are to accept the beating up of voters of the opposing party as they attend their candidate’s rallies, we should be ashamed.

If our country presidential candidates think that both parties are allowed to launch verbal and physical attack on the others followers, without publicly condemning them, we are lost.

Remember for years after the tragedy of 9-11, our country as a whole set aside our religious and political differences, and we were Just Americans?

Our nation is built by an international melting pot of people’s differences of beliefs and thoughts. This was once our strength that brought us together under one flag. We once arrived at the conclusion that to survive we needed to sometimes “agree to disagree,” to accept these differences as our strengths, while being tolerant.

We were once viewed by other nations as an example of how a country filled with differences was suppose to work, but now we are becoming comical conversations for them.

Bottom line, no matter who is elected into office, we as a nation are doomed until we coagulate ourselves back to being an American family. Remember that our founding fathers started our most sacred document with “We the people.”

Donald Jackson

Carson City

Lamb wreaks havoc on Carson traffic

On Friday, April 22 at 8:40 a.m., there was a little lamb running near the street by Raley’s and Jack in the Box. A little, tiny, 15-pound lamb. It obviously wandered away from the flock.

It was lost and causing chaos with traffic. It darted back and forth, obviously scared out of its wits.

The 911 operator was cool, calm and collected: “We will get the Humane Society and the sheriff on it.”

Thank you, you helped avoid a traffic accident.

Ross Jensen

Carson City

Trump is lesser of two evils

Several million Republicans refused to vote, at all, in the 2012 election, claiming that Romney was no different than Obama. If these people had voted for Romney, Obama would have been out!

Rank-and-file Republicans are disgusted with the Republican Party’s spineless leadership. There is even talk of a third party, which could set us back for years.

Republicans need to stand behind Donald Trump, even if he is considered the lesser of two evils. I learned that our own governor has said that he might not vote for Trump!

We can not afford to allow Hillary Clinton to continue the destruction of this country begun in 2009 by Barack Obama. Enough is enough!

John Frink

Carson City

Support those who make the right decisions

I have been a Downtown Carson City businessman for 17 years. I strongly support the improvements to the Downtown core.

I support the wider sidewalks, the new sewer and water lines and the on street parking. I think these improvements will help spark new investment in the Downtown.

Mayor Bob Crowell has supported the improvements to the Downtown. He has been right to do this. The decision to perform this work has been studied and argued upon for 17 years.

The city has reached the correct decisions after tedious debates. I urge voters to re-elect Bob Crowell who is a good and honest man.

If I can live long enough I hope to generate more sales from my business to pay my fair share of taxes that will benefit the whole community.

Michael Robbins

owner Hanifin’s Antiques


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