Beverly Palmer

Oct. 19, 1928 ~ May 14, 2016

Mom died on Sat, May 14, 2016. Her children, Damon, Leslie and Stuart were with her when she left. She was so ready to leave the indignities of her then life.Born in Forsyth Montana, October 19,1928. She did love the Fall.What a woman our mom was. She loved unconditionally. All of us. Those she gave birth to, those she helped raise through her children, those she taught, in class or in her library. Those who were her family, her friends or loves...Our Mom was a lady. She had class and style. Perhaps not so much in decor as in her deportment, in the way she wore her clothes, in her love of music and books, the way she felt like grace.Mom lived a good life. She lost her husband fairly early, and yet she had a lovely and full life. She had family, friends and love. She wanted nothing more.Our mom left quite a legacy. One of respect, loyalty, love, laughter, integrity, curiosity, an appreciation of all senses, and wondering acceptance for those things beyond her ken.She disliked few things, fewer people. Eggplant was her only unreasonable dislike. Any other stemmed from thoughtful consideration. Our Mother was not a saint. She never pretended to be. She had her regrets as we all do. She gave much more than she got. We miss her,Damon, Leslie and Stuart Palmer


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