The Popcorn Stand: Be patient, I will get back to you

I have to admit this is a self-serving Popcorn Stand. I’m reminded of the episode of Frasier I watched when a focus group of 12 people evaluated his show and 11 said they really enjoyed it but one guy played by Tony (Monk, I love that show, too) Shalhoub didn’t particularly care for Frazier.

So of course, Frasier spent the rest of the episode trying to persuade this guy to like him. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I remember Frasier burned the guy’s newsstand down and it was hilarious.

While a simple thank you goes a long way in this business, I have to admit many times it’s the people don’t particularly care for what we do and complain about it I focus on the most.

Lately, I’ve gotten my share of calls from people who call my extension in the morning and complain about not being able to talk to a live person. Now think about it. I’m the Nevada Appeal assistant editor. When does the newspaper come out? In the morning. So when do you think the newspaper is put together. The night before.

So since assistant editor is just a fancy term for night editor (and maybe I should be listed as a night editor and my general office hours should be listed in the newspaper and on our website), I work nights.

Generally, I’m in the office from 2 p.m. to — let’s just say late at night or even the early morning. And that doesn’t mean I’m always at my desk (or the entire staff is always at their desks) as I too (and the entire staff) have meetings and interviews.

But the best times to call me are generally in the afternoons at 283-5541. But if you call at any other time and you have a legitimate concern and you’re not some national PR person who doesn’t know Las Vegas is at least a 6-hour drive from Carson City, I’ll get back to you. In my profession, I know how frustrating it is when sources never return calls.

Just like Frasier’s experience, I would say about 11 out of 12 people are courteous and understanding when I address their concern. I just wished I wasn’t like Frasier when I focus too much on that one other person.

— Charles Whisnand


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