Toby De Luca named executive director of Ormsby Post Acute Rehabilitation Center

The Ormsby Acute Rehab Center's new management includes Toby De Luca, executive director and physician Jackie Harris.

The Ormsby Acute Rehab Center's new management includes Toby De Luca, executive director and physician Jackie Harris.

The Ormsby Post Acute Rehabilitation Center is under new management and they are determined to make their practices more patient-oriented.

The rehab center is a skilled nursing facility for post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care in Carson City.

Toby De Luca was hired as the new executive director of the facility in mid-February and he hopes to bring a personal touch to the patient care that will focus on more than just administrative duties.

“As an individual in this role, I want to bring a personal touch because I understand how this works from a therapy side and why people are here,” De Luca said. “The goal is outcome based, and these folks come here with goals and my job is to make that happen.”

Because there is sometimes a negative perception with rehab centers, and he hopes he can change that, De Luca said.

“These facilities are often viewed as a place where people get stuck and I want to change that perception as it is a place for transition, so they can get out and back to their families and homes,” De Luca said.

Though the facility has always been care-focused, many of the administrators before De Luca also were financial or numbers driven and he believes he can bring a balance of clinical and administration to the center. De Luca started his career as a physical therapist in the United States Air Force, and has been with the Ormsby Rehab Center as a physical therapist and Regional Therapy Director with the company for nearly 13 years and he said he is looking forward to getting back to direct contact with patients.

“I have been involved with the facility in one capacity or another and I was interested in the other side with administration,” De Luca said. “I live local and have always loved this building and I just wanted to be more involved in a direct level.

“This role is so much more fulfilling and it is an amazing position to be in,” De Luca added. “This allows me to have a direct impact on so many roles outside of therapy.”

One way he is hoping to improve their status is brining in Jacqueline Harris, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. Harris has a private practice in the Carson/Reno area, but has started seeing patients at the Ormsby Post Acute Center.

“Dr. Harris is something that is unique to us,” De Luca said. “Her part with the therapy is to see how medicine impacts the body and ability to rehabilitate and achieve goals.”

For more information on the center visit or call 775-841-4646.


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