Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof files for Nevada Assembly seat

Dennis Hof, who owns several brothels around the state including the Bunny Ranch just east of the Carson City line, filed on Friday for the Assembly District 36 seat currently held by Republican James Oscarson.

Hof filed as a Libertarian saying it’s time to elect a businessman to the Legislature.

He said he was filing in District 36 based on his residence in Crystal, Nevada.

He originally announced plans to run for the state Senate seat vacated by Greg Brower in Reno but said rural Nevada is a better fit for him.

“Some people call it rural Nevada,” he said. “I call it real Nevada.”

Hof said the commerce tax portion of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s tax package must be repealed.

“Anybody that voted for the commerce tax needs to be fired,” he said.

Hof said he hasn’t calculated the tax’s impact on his businesses yet but, “we’d pay a whole lot.”

He said he also wants to work on controlling and eliminating sex trafficking in Nevada.

“It’s out of hand and the politicians don’t want to deal with it,” he said.

He also objected to the Public Utilities Commission changing the rules on solar power and net metering saying they did so after encouraging hundreds to buy and install solar power.

“Why not make it easy for people to have solar,” he asked.

Hof owns legal, licensed brothels in several Nevada counties including Nye, which is represented by AD36.


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