Reported bear activity near Carson City’s Fuji Park

A reported sighting of a sow bear with cubs as urged the Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department to warn visitors to be on the lookout.

Carson City staff spotted the bears in the Clear Creek area across from Vista Grande Blvd, west of Fuji Park.

“We would like to warn park visitors that bears might be attracted to the park because of food and trash,” a press release from staff says.

It is not uncommon for us to get bears in this area, because the Clear Creek Corridor is a natural bear habitat.

Carson City officials are advising visitors that a sow bear can get defensive and aggressive to protect their cubs.

Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has been notified and they are going to install “be aware of bears” signs at the park.

NDOW Officials would like to remind people to avoid contact with the bears and not to get in between a sow and her cubs.

Keep your distance;

Do not attempt to feed the bears;

Throw away your trash.

Carson City has installed several bear proof trash containers throughout Fuji Park, Baileys Fishing Pond and the fairgrounds.

“The bears are especially active at night and in the early morning hours. They see these areas as potential sources of food,” says Carl Lackey, black bear biologist. “People see many of these same areas as nice places to hike and recreate and they need to be aware that there are bears roaming these areas. It is important that people stay on established paths and make some noise while using these areas. If they keep their eyes open they can avoid encounters with bears.”

July is BEAR Logic month in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is asking people to do all they can to keep bears safe and wild by removing any attractants on their property which might lead to bears getting into trouble.

Persons needing to report nuisance bear activity can call the NDOW’s Bear Hotline telephone number at 775-688-BEAR (2327). For information on living with bears, persons can go to and find the “Bear Logic” page on the web.

If you have any questions or comments for park officials please call the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department 775-887-2262, ext.7341, Attn. Richard Wilkinson, Senior Natural Resource Specialist, 3303 Butti Way, Building #9, Carson City, Nevada 89701.


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