Letters to the editor for Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keep Carson’s history, open space intact

I don’t understand the mentality of the new people of Carson City. I understand that people decide to sell their property when they feel it is time. No problem in my mind, but why would someone that comes from a long line of family that own such a beautiful part of Carson City want to sell it to just anyone? I wish they respected the land that was passed down to them and to honor their family.

We already have so many homes that are up for sale, other new ones being built, and now we want to put in more houses up in the Kings Canyon area.

Let us keep some of Carson City’s history. Let us enjoy the open area, the wildlife and the mountains. This is one of the reasons I love Carson City and one of the reason I have stayed here. I am sure that many have moved here from the bigger cities to enjoy what we have. Why change what works and what is good for the land?

Rhonda Glisson

Carson City


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