Letters to the editor for Thursday, May 26, 2016

Columnist challenges truth by throwing sand

Fred LaSor’s commentary about Obama’s foreign policy issues on May 12 is a prime example of the tit-for-tat school of thought. Mr. LaSor’s been spending too much time in the sandbox and his tantrums are becoming annoying. Don’t you know, Mr. LaSor, that the sand is nasty, nasty, nasty?

As for the Iran nuclear deal, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany representing the European Union with the U.S. all signed off on the deal. The agreement had support from 29 Nobel Prize winners, mostly physicists, 75 former members of Congress, 340 rabbis and 53 Christian leaders as well as 100 former American ambassadors and 36 retired generals. In Mr. LaSor’s opinion all those entities have been duped and are gullible of buying into the deal that he “opposed.” Has the sandbox gotten lonelier, Mr. LaSor?

Mr. LaSor challenges truth unconvincingly and throws more sand our way by stating, about Iran, that there were “no concessions on their part.” Iran gave up pursuing a nuclear weapon, a worthy concession, indeed.

Mr. LaSor, please stop being so petulant, cease your mentality and stop relying on Fox News “truthiness.” It doesn’t serve you well.

Robert Simpson



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