Security upgrades a priority in Lyon County schools

A new program is being rolled out to enhance safety and security measures in Lyon County schools.

The Lyon County School District is partnering with Audio Enhancement to install classroom audio systems that will activate in emergency situations.

The goal of SAFE System is to help schools prevent incidents, respond appropriately and timely, and provide recorded videos for incident investigations. It combines a discreet alert button for teachers and school staff, a classroom camera to record and stream 360-degree view of the classroom, along with a monitoring station to provide information to first responders.

Once the SAFE button is pushed by the teacher, the incident will be recorded and the alert box in the front office will go off. Front office staff will be notified with flashing lights and alert sounds to be able to respond accordingly with the appropriate personnel.

The program came about from a discussion surrounding the future of safety and security measures in Lyon County School District at a Board workshop on Sept. 10 in Silver Springs.

Much of the discussion focused on increasing safety and security while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere at area schools.

A variety of options as potential alternatives to excessive fencing or controlled entries from the company, Audio Enhancement, were formally presented at the Board Meeting on Sept. 27. Details were fine-tuned at the Board Meeting on Oct. 25, when it was decided the district will implement a SAFE System from Audio Enhancement.

Installation will begin over the Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

For more information about the program, email Erika Garcia at


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