Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016

Stadium in Las Vegas will benefit all Nevadans

The misinformation regarding the Las Vegas stadium vote needs to be corrected. Political analyst Chuck Muth has pointed out that $1.15 billion of the $1.9 billion construction cost will be coming from private investors, even though the public will own and operate the facility. In addition to football games, the stadium will be hosting 30 to 40 events per year, producing a net tourism revenue gain for taxpayers.

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and Muth have both pointed out that, in keeping with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, the $750 million room tax is very similar to a user fee that will be paid by tourists over 30 years. There will be no new revenue going to the government. Assemblyman Wheeler has estimated that if the economy improves, likely under a Trump presidency, the 30 year stadium bond could be paid off in 13 years.

This is a deal that should please both sides of the political aisle.

Lynn Muzzy


America on the brink of disaster

The election will be over, but the problems and information learned will likely continue to cause stress and conflict and investigation for months. How did this country get to be so lax, dishonest, deceitful, and corrupt? Is apathy to blame or is power the father of corruption? I have been distressed about the lack of integrity and conniving practices of people in high stations. The vitriolic tone of candidates is exhausting.

These things are not what I was taught in school. I recall being taught, “public office is the highest form of service.” It seems to be the greatest place for sneakiness, racketeering, and public theft.

Phrases like “crony politics” and words like “nepotism” and “pay to play” immediately bring to mind politicians. Trust is a quality often not considered an asset for qualifications to serve.

I believe the USA would be well served to impose term limits on our elected officials. We need to scrutinize those who choose this path carefully. Of course, the Internet makes that process a little easier, except for the faulty information on these current ways of communicating.

If WE, THE PEOPLE cannot trust that our officials act in our best interests with transparency and honesty but with self-serving schemes that we pay for in exorbitant taxes, it seems we have defied the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America will become one small cog in the wheel of the world. WE all have to work to restore our United States to the status our forefathers worked to create.

Please, God, do bless America.

Ann Bednarski

Carson City

What has Obama, liberal press done to country?

Our founders worshipped God but were persecuted in England if they did not do so in the English Orthodox Church. Thus they came here to have religious freedom to worship as they chose and not be forced to worship in a particular way.

Today Obama and media are trying to take away our heritage. Obama proclaimed we are no longer a Christian nation. The last survey I read said the USA was 78 percent Christian, the balance being Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, agnostic or atheist. Our media gives great coverage to any minority making them look greater in number than they are.

Obama canceled our National Day of Prayer but later hosted a Muslim day of prayer on the White House lawn. In our schools you cannot have a Bible but you can have a Koran. Schools are not supposed to have Christian Christmas decorations. They would also like to have Ten Commandments on plaques removed from the front areas of judicial buildings. The reference to God in the Air Force Academy oath has been removed. Obama appointed an atheist to head his freedom of religion movement in the armed forces. Today our chaplains are not to use the word Jesus when assisting or mentoring service personnel. Four Texas ministers were told they had to submit their sermons, an IRS type deal where if displeased they could remove the churches’ nonprofit status. Thankfully a judge overruled this action.

Hillary wants to further these types of actions with government regulations. More government control we don’t need.

Gene Wilkinson



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