Sierra Lutheran to host improv show Nov. 10-12

Sierra Lutheran will be holding its second Improvisation Show on Nov. 10-12. Led by Director Marty Kois, the actors have been working since August to hone their improv abilities.

Mr. Kois couldn’t decide what he was most excited about for the upcoming performance, “I just love improv so much I couldn’t (decide). It’s all going to be unexpected.”

In the words of Mr. Kois, an improv show is “a completely unique experience in every sense. People come together to watch something that gets created as they watch. We’re all amused by that process of creation.”

In an improv show, the cast will play out skits and short scenes, all without previous preparation. Rather than memorizing lines, rehearsal is spent practicing the art of thinking on one’s feet.

This year audience members can expect games such as “Chain, Death, Murder,” a game that uses gibberish to convey a message. They can also look forward to longer skits where the cast builds upon each other to create a spontaneous comedy sketch. Even those who attended the first Improv Show just two years ago can expect something completely original.

“One of the good things about improv is, it’s always different,” Kois said. He guarantees each performance offers new laughs and never-before-seen skits.

This year the cast of the Improv Show will be using thrust-style staging. This means the audience will be more spread out, so the cast can use more audience-suggested prompts to begin their scenes. Any and all audience members can be involved in the show by submitting prompts for the actors or by being one of the select few to join the cast on stage for a game.

As Kois said, “Improv always involves (the audience), but probably more so (this year).”

The Improv show will be held in the SLHS gym and will last for approximately an hour. The show begins at 6:30; doors open at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $5 ($3 for children under 12 and seniors over 55). Contact the Sierra Lutheran High School office at 775-267-1921 for more information.

Claire Cochran is a senior at Sierra Lutheran High School.


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