Trump is unfit to be president says Jenny Lopiccolo (guest commentary)

As a registered Republican, I’m embarrassed to admit I was aware that Donald Trump was woefully ignorant and uniformed on both domestic and foreign affairs and the responsibilities of being President and Commander in Chief of our country as early as the primary debates. I was also deeply troubled by his views on immigrants, which seemed particularly racist, and which offended me personally, as well as the fact he had an extremely thin grasp of any issues that matter to the average American voter.

His rhetoric of hate seemed to exist in a parallel universe, I just couldn’t figure out what he was saying. But, I thought that given the honor of being named the Republican nominee, he would immediately surround himself with experts in foreign affairs, the economy, health care, the military and other issues of concerns to real Americans, alas…that didn’t happen. If I had been elected the nominee from a major party in a presidential election, I would have shut myself into a room with these experts and devoted every available hour of every day to exploring and learning what I didn’t know until such time as I could be considered an expert, capable enough and informed enough to lead this country and serve as Commander in Chief.

Not Donald Trump! Instead, he moved blindly forward in his ignorance and narcissistic delusion, declaring “I know ISIS, I know more than the generals know about ISIS” and floating vague plans that have no substance or make any sense for our country going forward. He filled his campaign with “experts” from the Alt Right and disgraced politicians like Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani. He doubled down on insulting and demeaning all women, immigrants of every nationality, African Americans and Latinos, a Gold Star Family, the Press and all of America who didn’t agree with him. He refused to release his tax returns. And, he’s the first candidate for President to ever question the actual democratic process, insisting the election is “rigged,” unless he wins, of course.

He’s counting on those voters who will not fact check, have no problem with racism, misogyny or ignorance and don’t listen to the national news…are there enough of those people in this country to actually elect him? Sadly, this seems to be a possibility. Donald Trump represents the worst of America.

Solely based on his comments on women, I can’t believe any woman, or any man who loves or has loved a woman, whether their wife, mother, daughter, grandchild, sister or niece would vote for Donald Trump, no matter their party affiliation. Based on other disgusting and ignorant comments from Donald Trump, I can’t believe any Hispanic American, African American, LBTG American or any American would vote for him.

But that’s not the worst of it. Look at the basis of his “qualifications” for running for President. “He is a successful businessman.” We don’t have his tax returns, which he has refused to release so we can judge whether any of his claims are true. What we do know is he has “borrowed” and lost multi millions from his father, he has declared bankruptcy multiple times, and he has defrauded many honest workers, both hired illegally, and legitimate American workers and businesses from being paid for their work through threat, intimidation, bankruptcy and lawsuits. My husband and I, who operate small businesses here and fairly employ a lot of people, likely paid more income taxes this year than Donald Trump. He says not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make us, dumb? Sorry, Donald, I’m not just going to take your word for it. You’re wholly unfit to be our President.

He currently operates his businesses in countries other than the USA in order to maximize profits for himself, while spouting off about bringing American jobs home and creating jobs. The only place Donald Trump has actually created jobs lately is in the 12-plus countries where his companies currently operate offshore. Trump hotels are built with steel from China and his ties and other apparel are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Korea and other countries. It’s all about personal profit. With no tax returns, we don’t know who he currently owes money to: China, Russia or other countries…and to whom he owes allegiance or favors.

Since last Friday, with the unprecedented and roundly condemned (by both Democrats and Republicans) leak from the Republican Director of the FBI, Donald Trump seems to be gaining ground in national polls. It’s a scary time for Nevada, for America and for our Democratic process, when the Director of the FBI can publicize vague, unverified information in an attempt to actually move a national election toward one candidate. In the past few days, and throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has made it clear you can lie and cheat and get away with it. Unless you were literally born yesterday, aren’t you smarter than that? As famed poet Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.” So please, get out there and Vote!

Jenny Lopiccolo of Carson City is small business owner.


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