Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016

Resignations in order following Little Valley fire

Our Nevada Division of Forestry seemed to do a good job of public outreach and communication during the Little Valley burn. Too bad they didn’t bother to check the wind forecast (we all knew what was coming) and caused the loss of so many family homes by failing to put out or control the very fire they started.

Worse is their arrogant behavior toward the victims, as many are saying on local television they’ve not even heard from NDF. No door to door campaign by the Director and the individual in charge of the burn to apologize and pledge to make things right, which they should have done within a day of the disaster. They’re just hiding behind their lawyers, which always makes things worse.

They caused a disaster that ruined the lives of people they are charged to protect, then created a public relations and legal disaster that will cloud the division for years to come.

The good employees and firefighters of the division (and Nevada citizens) deserve credible leadership but don’t have it. People need to be held accountable. The division director and the individual in charge of the burn should resign. If they don’t, Governor Sandoval should fire them. It’s time someone did the right thing by these victims.

Peter Starren

Washoe Valley


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