Ted Warburton: Nevada voters, reject Question 1

Nevada voters, please do not let a New Yorker, Michael Bloomberg, dictate Nevada State gun policy. He is the funding force and political drive behind Question 1.

There is a reason our Governor and most of the Sheriffs in the State oppose Question 1. And for good reasons.

If you take the time to read the entire bill, and not just the summary, you will see for yourself that it is very poorly written. Additionally, it creates unintended consequences should it become law, that will make law abiding gun owners in Nevada unintended or accidental felons.

Enforcement would also be problematic and is not properly addressed.

If Nevadans desire better gun laws, I believe a Nevadan should write and fund such a proposal, not a billionaire out of stater. We do not care how they do things in New York.

Ted Warburton



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